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Thoughtful overview piece here from The New York Times on how sweetheart scammers target older women on dating websites for success.

See if your date was arrested and spent time recently in the Collier County Jail.

Did your date really get divorced in Orange County? Is a foreclosure or a child support case in the picture?

Waiting too late in life to get married increases the chances of divorce once the knot is tied.

A new study by University of Utah sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger indicates that the odds of divorce for people past the age of 32 or so increase by 5 percent a year at the age of marriage.

Even with more than 3,000 online dating web sites around, seems like there's always room for new approaches.

The Western Daily Press from England reports that new website Chvalry Not Dead bans women from making the first move in the dating game. Says the story:

See if you date really does command that hefty title with the City of Jacksonville — or if he or she works there at all.

Are you dating a deadbeat parent or someone who is ducking alimony payments in Pinellas County?

Online sweetheart scam victims in Australia explain how they got bamboozled, but the stories, warnings and tips resonate for online daters everywhere.

See if your date spent time in the Charlotte County Jail as far back as 1999.


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