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Sometimes people start a divorce but change their minds and remain married. As you explore divorce cases in Orange County, look in the results to see how the case ended or whether it is still ongoing.

Check now for divorces, child support cases and foreclosures in Orlando and Orange County

Did your date really get divorced in Orange County? Is a foreclosure or a child support case in the picture?

Inspect the Orange County Circuit Court Clerk's records for free to find out or to check on other areas of interest, such as child support cases, domestic partner declarations or other lawsuits. Many actual documents are available for viewing, but some may not be because of legal restrictions on confidentiality or because the case is older or more recent. Court records online go back at least to 2005 and decades earlier with some cases. More detailed and older filings may be found at the circuit court clerk's office.

In divorce, foreclosure (also known as "lis pendens"), child support and other lawsuit cases, check out the "Docket Events," which provides a running list of documents filed in the case. Documents with more information may or may not be available online, but, in a divorce case, for instance, you can see if the docket list included child support considerations.

Use the "Case Type" menu on the search page to restrict your search to certain types of filings. Even if you want to search for any filings available, it's a good idea to review the "Case Type" menu to see what the possibilities might be.

Keep in mind that these records are limited to Orange County and won't include similar filings from other counties, which you can explore here.