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Start your inspection by casting the widest net possible for details through social media. Explore your love interest’s postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin, for instance. Depending on privacy settings and disclosures, you may gain valuable insights or clues on ongoing or past relationships (maybe even a current marriage!) along with interests, friends and employment. Next, try running the person through Google and/or other search engines that might yield additional details.

However, be aware that those resources may not tell you about criminal backgrounds, recent arrests, assets or debts. And you may not find out about significant others or whether someone is really the doctor, lawyer, or holder of that big deal job as claimed. That’s where InspectaDate and its links to valuable free public records and other resources can be your dating-game changer. These resources empower you to know more and to truth-check what someone might say about themselves.

Launch your inspections using public records in Florida through the key date inspections by Florida county pagesDepending on where your date lives or has lived, you can pick a county page with mostly statewide and local links that can help you to better background someone within minutes.

In smaller counties where links pages are pending, you can do county-specific searches on criminal backgroundsrelationship status and assets, and property values and taxes. Some of these resources are national, and the safety tips and dating news on this site are relevent to people anywhere. 

You can use the research links from InspectaDate to play a better-informed dating game in Florida and sometimes beyond, from checking criminal backgrounds to truth-checking claims about marriage status, assets, debt and more. And more resources are coming!

Starting with a few basics about your love interest will help you be more successful in inspecting.

Those basics are the person’s full name (including maiden), date of birth and home address (or at least the person's town or community). Knowing where the person grew up and where they lived previously also comes in handy. A Social Security number helps but isn't vital.

What matters is your ability to distinguish one Robert Jones or Catherine Smith from others of the same names or approximate ages. Having the basics up front will save time and make your searches more productive.

Be sure to read the disclaimer, and happy inspecting!