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See if your date's claims of owning a big beachfront pad in Broward County hold water

Does your date really own a waterfront spread or other desirable properties in Broward County?

Land answers for free now with insights from the Broward County Property Appraiser's Office. Within keystrokes, you can determine whether your date shows up as a Broward property owner in the appraiser's database along with details that may include:

  • Owner or owners' names
  • Property address
  • Mailing address of owner(s) (can differ from property address)
  • Number of beds and bathrooms
  • Floors, square footage and lot size
  • Year home built
  • Latest assessed value of property
  • Estimated market value of property
  • Previous sales of property dates and prices
  • Zonings
  • Extra features (pool, dock, patio, etc.)
  • Homestead exemption

A homestead designation on the property indicates the owner(s) claims this property as a primary residence. No homestead exemption indicates the property owner probably doesn't live there. There is also a map feature allows you to see an aerial overview of the property, which can help you see surroundings and the nature of a neighborhood.