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Tomorrow, learn about five crucial free criminal background checks that should be on every Florida dater's radar. Also coming in the week ahead are an exclusive InspectaDate video on dangerous date warning signs, plus posts from the dating frontier by InspectaDate blogger Courtney Furiosi and a resource for seeing whether your date is giving big bucks to political candidates for U.S. president and Congress.

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Valentine's Day time is a joyous time for many daters. But reminders abound at this time of year about the darker side of dating.

Dating or InspectaDating?
Good advice to follow from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine: "Research someone you meet online; don't rely only on what that person tells you. Perform Internet searches and consider getting a background check."

Here's a roundup of stories that spotlight dangers and key safety issues.

Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure for a made-up holiday.

Online dating is big and getting bigger. But a new study says 65 percent of couples still meet offline.

Hi there! My name is Courtney. Having been single for a couple of years now, I’ve been on a lot of one-shot dates — and I've seen some crazy things!

The victims and places change. But the same sweetheart scams keep on scoring and scarring. Why?

This New York Times story by Kate Murphy says the desire for connection and companionship makes people vulnerable. From the story:

Florida State University in Tallahassee has more than 6,000 faculty and staff members on payroll. See if your date is really among these Seminoles, or if your love interest really holds that big shot title.


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