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InspectaDate on social media: More is more!

On any given day, InspectaDate posts additional quick-hit news and research links on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in addition to postings on The Date Inspector blog, or that underscore existing "check it now" research links on InspectaDate. Here's an example:

InspectaDate has four social media accounts: Facebook, Google+, The Florida Date Inspector on Twitter and The Date Inspector on Twitter. Facebook and Google+ for InspectaDate are similar "everything" sites: They include the vast majority of postings from The Date Inspector Blog along with selected tweets about InspectaDate featured links for research, plus dating and research news that's shared from elsewhere.

The Florida Date Inspector on Twitter features selected dating news but is especially heavy with tweets on how to research someone in Florida now for arrests, marriages, divorce, assets and more. If you're in Florida and you do research or intend to on your dates, the Florida Date Inspector is a must. However, if you live in New York, Texas, Minnesota, or England and you care about dating news, trends and tips but aren't interested in researching someone in Jacksonville, Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, the tweets from The Date Inspector are going to be your thing.

Or, such as this post, from InspectaDate blogger Courtney Furiosi:

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Finding standing research links

At the heart of are links that help you research your date right now. You can find them in two ways, in the right column along the upper right-hand side:

And on the green menu bar under "Date inspecting links:"


These resources pages are constantly updated with new additions, and blog posts are coming with more insights on how to use them. Check out "Getting started" for some tips on how to be effective in researching your date and pursing these resources. You'll find some national resources here, such as a national sex offender database quick search, but most of these are geared for Florida date inspections.

Particularly helpful is the "Key date checks for Florida counties" page, which allows you to pick a Florida county and do statewide searches, such as this one ...:

... along with county date inspections, such as these from Pinellas County, home of St. Pete:

Lastly, another cool feature: the search box

You can also use the search box along the top green menu bar to locate posts and other site content by specific keywords, such as Orlando, scams, marriages, Texas or Tinder. You may also find dating news feeds here to InspectaDate that you might not find elsewhere. Give it a try!