FREE (yes, free!) public records and more for better and safer dating in Florida & beyond.

Free background checks

Is your date a convicted felon on supervised probation in Florida? Find out now.

Same-sex marriages in Florida marked their first anniversary last week. Aside from its huge social implications, the legality of gay marriage also signaled an important change for date inspectors.

Tampa Bay is a great place to live and visit, and Pinellas County is one of the hottest dating markets in Florida. 

The county in west central Florida includes St. Petersburg, Clearwater and St. Pete Beach. Take your date inspecting in Pinellas County to a higher level with these handpicked free resources from InspectaDate.

Florida State University is in the state capital city of Tallahassee (Leon County). Thanks to FSU for making this public information available online....

Not everyone is who they appear to be on Facebook, Twitter or with online dating profiles — and especially with profile pictures.

Help expose fakers, posers and scammers by using Google reverse images. has proclaimed this Sunday as the biggest online dating day of the year, with the most online dating action of 2016 expected from now until Valentine's Day.

This story from Sarah Polus of the Washington Post offers some expert advice on how singles can navigate the busy season for dating success.

The University of Florida in Gainesville has more than 13,500 full-time employees across the Sunshine State.

Find out if someone really got divorced in Jacksonville or Duval County as claimed.

This search from the Duval County Circuit Court Clerk's Office can help you find out the answer plus much more.


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