FREE (yes, free!) public records and more for better and safer dating in Florida & beyond.

25+ free ways to discreetly inspect your date more closely in Miami-Dade County

Take your date inspecting in Miami-Dade County to a higher level with these handpicked free resources from InspectaDate.

Search engines like Google or Bing to inspect your date - along with checking social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — can tell you a lot about your love interest. Use them! But you are limiting your ability to truth-check someone's claims and to learn more about your date if you end your date inspecting there. And, without more homework that might take you just a few minutes, you could make a poorly informed decision on who to let into your heart and life. That can mean big-time heartache, financial loss or even danger to you and to your family.

Using the public records resources on this key date inspections page for Miami-Dade County, within keystrokes you can explore more thoroughly:

  • criminal histories, traffic tickets and recent arrests
  • marriages, divorces, child support and relationships
  • property holdings, mortgages, foreclosures, income, lawsuits and tax debts
  • and employment in some cases and more.

Use this page to do a variety of statewide background checks along with those more concentrated in Miami-Dade. Here's more on the strengths and weaknesses of these public records, and please read this disclaimer before you jump into them.

But odds are you can learn a lot more about your date than what you know now — and having more knowledge than less plays to your advantage in the dating game. So does playing it smart with dating safety.

Stay tuned as new resources are being added to these pages regularly, such as this search for faculty and staff members at Florida International University in Miami, which is a great way to help verify someone's claims about working at FIU.