FREE (yes, free!) public records and more for better and safer dating in Florida & beyond.

A New Year and peak dating season are here! Tips for being at your date-inspecting best has proclaimed this Sunday as the biggest online dating day of the year, with the most online dating action of 2016 expected from now until Valentine's Day.

This story from Sarah Polus of the Washington Post offers some expert advice on how singles can navigate the busy season for dating success.

But finding a date is one thing. Checking out the date or potential date you've found is another.

The dating world is full of players, liars and scammers, Resources such as Google, Facebook and Instagram can yield insights about your love interest, and you should use them. But those sites aren't likely to tell you about a criminal past, bad debts or a serious somebody else at home.

InspectaDate is all about helping you to learn more about your date and truth-checking claims made during dating. You can play a smarter and safer dating game — using FREE public records and other resources in most cases.

Here's more on how to get started, along with some safety tips and national checks you can do to explore criminal backgrounds.  If you live in Florida, you'll find plenty of resources for checking out your date's criminal history, assets and relationship status and more.

You can do this!

Here's more on what you should know about the value of public records for inspecting your date and an important disclaimer that you should check out about the use of this site.

Happy New Year, and happy date inspecting!