FREE (yes, free!) public records and more for better and safer dating in Florida & beyond.

Background checks

Is your date a deadbeat parent or alimony payer
in Brevard County?

Make it your business to prove the business claims of your date in Florida.

Is your date on the Alachua County wanted list for being a deadbeat parent? Find out now.

Congrats to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office for offering the rare opportunity among Florida counties for this kind of specialized search.

Maybe your date really is
a licensed doctor, dentist, nurse, EMT, pharmacist or massage therapist in Florida. Or maybe not.

Or maybe the person's license has expired or has been suspended or revoked.

Quickly find out by searching this Florida Department of Health license verification database for health care pros.

Just about everyone knows the FBI has a most wanted list. But varieties of the agency's most desired criminals are broader than you might realize.

Just one abusive relationship can be a disaster for you and others in your family.

"I've seen too many cases where someone's life took a wrong turn beause of a violent relationship," Schlax said. "In many instances the warning signals were there but weren't recognized until it was too late."

Learn to spot the warning signs of a dangerous date in this exclusive video from

Did your date from Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Titusville or Cape Canaveral get married in Brevard County?

Inspect for yourself back to 1981 using this Brevard County Circuit Court Clerk's Office database. Also check out deeds for property, mortgages, notices of foreclosure, debts and more. Select from the "document type" pulldown to narrow your seach results.

If your date lives in Sarasota County in the Sunshine State, consider checking out this site from time to time.

Seeking dating action of the illegal kind can lead to exposure of this kind!


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