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Dating safety tips

Not everyone is who they appear to be on Facebook, Twitter or with online dating profiles — and especially with profile pictures.

Help expose fakers, posers and scammers by using Google reverse images.

Useful tips here from the Better Business Bureau on spotting fake profiles and dating danger signs on Tinder.

Anybody can be a target of sweetheart scammers, but older daters are particularly vulnerable.

This report from Kimberly Palmer of U.S. News and World Report offers four warning signs for people of all ages that could signal a sweetheart scammer:

The Catfish show on MTV is intriguing to watch. But being catfished isn't fun for victims who fell hook, line and sinker.

A new technology to stymie sweetheart scammers is wading into the dating game.

Erica Vella of Global news reports on a new free app,, that seeks to help scuttle sweetheart scammers by verifying photos.


Just one abusive relationship can be a disaster for you and others in your family.

"I've seen too many cases where someone's life took a wrong turn beause of a violent relationship," Schlax said. "In many instances the warning signals were there but weren't recognized until it was too late."

Learn to spot the warning signs of a dangerous date in this exclusive video from

Online safety dating tips need not originate from the United States to apply here.

Check out this online safety guide from the Independent in Ireland.


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