FREE (yes, free!) public records and more for better and safer dating in Florida & beyond.


Not everyone is who they appear to be on Facebook, Twitter or with online dating profiles — and especially with profile pictures.

Help expose fakers, posers and scammers by using Google reverse images.

Date inspect full tilt by following The Date Inspector and InspectaDate on Google+, Twitter and Facebook!

The goal with all these platforms is to help you play a better, safer and wiser game online and off in Florida and elsewhere using FREE resources.

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Good basic tips here from CNET that you can use for better date inspecting.

This piece from CNET "How to" blogger Sarah Jacobsson Purewal offers insights on using Google, Facebook and other tools to do a better job of checking out people. The story is written in the "finding anything, about anyone, online" perspective, but the tips can help you sharpen your dating game.


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