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The Panhandle county of Escambia is among those whose sheriff's office provides arrest and jail booking information online.

Is your date in trouble? Check the latest arrests and bookings in Florida county jails

Running your Florida date's name through the local county jail database on occasion is one of the best date inspections you can do.

Why? Because these databases typically hold the latest arrest information. Plus, a criminal background check you did last week won't include the arrests your date logged later.

Use this InspectaDate list of county jail links to quickly locate a county jail that matters to you and to determine if the local sheriff's office makes arrests and bookings available online. Most do, some don't, particulary if the county is small. In all cases, we've tried to provide links that you can explore to find out.

Some of the details you can expect to find from participating sheriff's offices include:

  • full name
  • age or date of birth
  • general address (although not always)
  • charges involved
  • a mug shot in some cases
  • date, time and place of arrest
  • and bond amounts and release dates

The range of information provided may vary depending on the sheriff's office. For instance, some counties allow your to see arrests going years back, others only for the last 24 hours. Some sheriff's offices offer their details on a 12-hour or other delay. And some smaller counties do not offer the ability to look up current or past inmates on their websites. Some offices that don't, however, or theymay work with the private Vinelink organization to provide record of recent arrests. Vinelink strives to provide the free ability to search for prisoners in county jails and prisons throughout the nation. Even if cases where local county jails do not currently offer searchable databases on bookings and detainees, we at InspectaDate have provided links the local sheriff's office web sites so you can check on the latest availability.

Keep in mind that an arrest isn't the same thing as a conviction. Charges can get dropped, reduced or expanded from the time of an arrest. Check the InspectaDate criminal records links from providing circuit court clerk's offices to learn more about case dispostions and what ultimately resulted from an arrest. That information might not be available immediately in the most recent of cases.

Explore the InspectDate Florida Sheriff's Office pages for more ways to look into someone's recent arrests and criminal history.

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