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The Federal Elections Commission database on campaign contributions to candidates for president and Congress can give you more insights on how your date's political interests might — or might not — square with your own.

Is your date hot for the Donald, Hillary or Marco? Check campaign donations to candidates for U.S. president now

Is your date plunking down campaign contributions to candidates for president or Congress?

More liberal or conservative?
This database can be a big help in discovering or confirming someone's political leanings and gauging his or her passion for politics. Plus, you might get a better sense of your love interest's disposable income — along with the person's good or bad judgment in spending it!

Find answers now with the Federal Elections Commission database on campaign contributions. This database includes contributions reported quarterly to the commission nationwide by candidates for federal offices and by political committees from 1997 to the current filing period, which means recent contributions may not show up until later. Go to the query form at the bottom of the page to get started.

Details provided on individual contributors include:

  • name
  • city, state and Zip Code
  • receiving candidate or committee
  • date of contribution
  • and amount.

Here's more details from the FEC about how much can be contributed and how how campaign federal campaign contributions work.

Another take on the same data is from the private Center for Public Integrity, a non-profit news organization which offers a similar campaign donor database. The database, along with the center's resources, are particularly insightful if you have a broader interest in who is trying to influence national politics through campaign contributions.

To check on similar campaign contributions to Florida statewide candidates, such as governor and attorney general, click here.

To explore availability of local campaign election details online for Florida counties, click here and then on your county of interest.

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