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Whopper toppers: The things people lie most about in their online dating profiles are ...

Three online dating experts peg the most common lies in online dating profiles for this ATTN: story by Laura Donovan.

Topping their list: marital status.

"[Some people] claim to be perpetually 'single,' when in fact they’ve either filed for divorce and it’s still pending or they are thinking about splitting up with their significant other," online dating expert Julie Spira told ATTN: via email. "The relationship status is a big deal. Either you’re single and available, or you’re attached."

Next up is appearance. A lot of people will go beyond the boundaries of the apperance they have to project the appearance they want others to think they have.

"Therefore men lie about their height, income, and age," online dating expert Damona Hoffman told ATTN:. "Women lie about weight or body type and age more frequently."

Rounding out the top three is age. Men and women tend to be equal opportunity liars on that front. Almost everybody who has spent any time in online dating has a tale to tell about encountering someone who was older than a profile advertised.

The story also includes observations from online dating expert Melanie Robinson, along with more elabortation on these three lie factors.

Stay tuned for future posts on InspectaDate on how to better nail down marital status, appearance and age.

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