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Terrorist and Florida resident Omar Mateen was state-licensed to be a security guard and carry a firearm statewide. Click here or on the image above to help see if your Florida date has similar licenses, or if your date is telling you the truth about having them.

See if your date is REALLY licensed as a Florida security guard, private investigator, firearms instructor and more

See if your date really is packing a license to be a Florida security guard, private investigator or firearms instructor.

Take aim at confirmation through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services database on these and other licenses regulated by the agency. Other agency licenses that might be relevant to your date under the right circumstances include recovery agents and private investigator intern. You can also see if security guard types have a statewide firearms license. Details provided include the person's first name, middle initial and last name; license number; and license type. Also, someone who has a license should be able to show you a state-issued ID card on the spot. Don't be afraid to ask to see it!

The scope of these licences is broader than you might suspect.

As of May 31, agency statistics showed that Florida has 135,671 licensed security officers. One of those licensed holders was Omar Mateen, the terrorist who killed 49 people at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

The state also had 7,897 licensed private investigators (including the founder of InspectaDate). Here's a list of key individual licenses issued by Florida county. The agency also has issued more than 1.5 million concealed weapons licenses to individual citizens in Florida. However, the names of those license holders are no longer public. If you really want your date to help you confirm his or her license, ask the person to show the wallet-sized, state-issued ID license card or to provide the info required on the agency's online status check.

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