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Ingrid Maree Lyne, 40, of Seattle was a nurse and a single mom with three daughters.

Seattle mom's murder underscores the dark side of online dating, importance of date inspecting

The recent horrific slaying of a Seattle mom is a chilling reminder of how online dating — and dating in general — can turn deadly.

Suggetions for safety
Being cautious and carefully looking before you love could make all the difference for you and your family in avoiding a disastrous date. Check out the InspectaDate Safety Tips page.

John Robert Charlton, 37, of Seattle is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ingrid Lyne, 40, a nurse with three daughters. Charlton and Lyne had met through an online dating site. Parts of Lyne's dismembered body were found in at least a couple of locations.

People Magazine reports that Charlton said he had been dating Lyne for about a month. The same report says Charlton had a prior criminal record in six states, including convictions for felony theft, aggravated robberty, assault, third-degree larceny, and grand theft motor vehicle, and that's on top of arrests for battery.

Charlton had profiles at on at least three different online dating sites and had creeped out some women already. The Dr. Phil show on Tuesday will feature an interview with a former girlfriend of Charlton who claims he tried to choke her.

Online dating sites are full of charmers and people who yearn to find love connections. Some people find the match they need, develop a strong relationship and ultimately get married. Unfortunately, some of the folks in the game are dangerous and can have bad intentions of the worst kind that can't always be easily detected.

Plus, some folks are easier to background check than others. For instance, someone reearching Charlton online would have been challenged to find all of his previous convictions, in part because they were spread among states. Still, being cautious and observant, and carefully looking before you love could make all the difference for you and your family in avoiding a disastrous date. The key is play the smartest, safest dating game that you can, which is what InspectaDate is all about. 

See how to do some free national background checking here, and, if you live in Florida, here's some free key criminal background checks you can do along with many others you can pursue depending on where you live.

Meanwhile, here's some worthwhile broader safety tips from eharmony and that apply everywhere, and check out the InspectaDate Safety Tips page for more insights.

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