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Need some coaching up on dating? Get cosy with any of 75 advice bloggers who can bring it

Here's your chance to match your interests with 75 dating coaches in one place.

This "top" ranking of dating coaches and websites from Feedspot isn't as notable for who it ranks where and why as it is for being a resource for finding -- and possibly following -- dating coaches. 

You'll get plenty of options, from Matthew Hussey's advice for women to Marni Battista's "Dating with Dignity" to Harris O'Malley's Paging Dr. NerdLove, which notes that Dr. NerdLove is not really a doctor. 

Are these for everyone? Not likely. Maybe not even close. And not everyone that you might follow or expect to see on this list made it.

Missing, for instance, is one of my faves, James Michael Sama, who tends to offer practical tips for bringing integrity and common sense back to dating.

But you have to admire the scope of views presented here from across the world.

Some of them just might attract you.

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