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Key date checks for Santa Rosa County

Santa Rosa County in the Florida Panhandle includes Milton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze and Oriole Beach.

These free links to local public records include useful statewide and national resources to make comprehensive date inspections easier to do in one place. The range of links evolves constantly based on state public records laws and office efforts for providing access. Please alert us if something should be on this list or if you find a broken link!

These public records can help you play a better dating game, but InspectaDate cannot attest to their accuracy or completeness. You are responsible for the decisions you make based on what you find. In some cases, the public records and files in offices may be more extensive and insightful. For instance, actual files of lawsuits and criminal records at the circuit court clerk's office may offer additional details. Under Florida law, certain types of court filings and the home addresses of some professionals — such as judges, prosecutors, public defenders, police officers and their families — can be exempted from public disclosure and won't show up online.

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See if someone is a convicted felon who is out of prison and currently on supervised probation in Florida.
At one time, check for people on supervised probation, released state inmates, current state prison inmates, people wanted on warrants, and released felons who are wanted for violating terms of their state-supervised probation.
Find people who served their prison time but are considered a potential public threat by Florida authorities because of their criminal histories.
Search for Florida sexual predators and offenders and their whereabouts.
This resource from the U.S. Department of Justice covers registries for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories, and Indian Country. Especially relevant if you are interested in someone who moved to Florida or who lives in another state.
Find people in Florida and nationwide who served federal prison time back to 1982. Prisoner crimes are not specified, but federal Bureau of Prisons details include full name, age, race and sex of the person along with a release date and a federal register number. This search also includes locations of current federal prisoners and their future release date.
See who is behind a business in Florida and if someone is using a fictitious business name.
From the county sheriff's office. See if someone is in jail or has been recently and why.
From the Santa Rosa County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. This is an all-things-at-once search. Refine your results by selecting an option in the "court type" pulldown menu on the search page.Some search results and image availability may be exempted or restricted from view depending on applicable laws, and some records may only be viewed at the circuit court clerk's office.
From the Santa Rosa County Circuit Court Clerk's Office. Official records include marriage licenses, deeds, mortgages, notices of foreclosure and even final judgments in criminal cases, in many instances. Images of the documents may be available.
From various county court clerk's offices participating in making their records available through the Florida Association of Court Clerks Services Group. Not all counties are engaged, but a plus to this search is the ability to do one search that covers multiple counties. Additional information may be available at specific county circuit court clerk's offices, where you may be able to see or download a document image for free.
From the county property appariser’s office. See the value of someone's property and the names of owners in most cases. May include previous sales and prices of property. The records can indicate a spouse or a significant other.
From the tax collector's office. Look up someone's latest property tax bill by name or address of property. The records can indicate a spouse or a significant other.
From the county tax collector's office. Select the "business tax" search option. See who pays business taxes, how much and whether they are paid up in most cases. These used to be called occupational licenses.
Discover from The Florida Bar if someone is really a lawyer in Florida and in good standing to practice.
See from the Florida Department of Health if someone is licensed to be a health care professional in Florida. Details include name, city and type of license held.
Confirm Florida licenses for people in such diverse occupations as architects, engineers, veterinarians, accountants, cosmetologists, barbers, geologists, auctioneers and harbor pilots. Licensing details from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation are also available for some businesses, such as construction companies, hotels and restaurants.
Learn if someone is certified by the Florida Department of Education to be a public school teacher, coach, counselor, principal or other public school leader. May also include educators at private schools in Florida. Click here to search for disciplinary actions against Florida educators.
Confirm recent employment and salaries of many state employees throughout Florida, including those at agencies covered by the Florida Department of Management Services and with Florida's state universities.
Find donors from Florida and nationwide who make campaign contributions to candidates for U.S. president and Congress, along with political action committees under federal campaign laws. Availability is subject to required reporting for election cycles, which means a campaign donation given recently might not show up until after a reporting period ends. Details from the Federal Elections Commission include the contribution amount along with candidates and committees supported.
Another way of searching for contributors from Florida and nationwide who give $200 or more to federal candidates, such as those running president and Congress, along with political action committees. Availability is subject to required reporting for election cycles, which means a campaign donation given recently might not show up until after a reporting period ends. This award-winning site from the non-profit Center for Responsive politics bills itself as "the most comprehensive resource for federal campaign contributions, lobbying data and analysis available anywhere."
Check on donors back to January 1, 1996, to Florida state candidates — such as governor, attorney general and the Legislature — and candidates for multi-county positions, along with political campaign committees subject to Florida laws. Availability is subject to required reporting for election cycles, which means a campaign donation given recently might not show up until after a reporting period ends. Details from the Florida Department of State Division of Elections include the donor's contribution amount and city and often the donor's occupation.