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Sweetheart scams

You might have traits that make you more apt to be scammed in online dating.

There's a whole lotta scamming a happening in dating land. So what's new?

State consumer affairs offices are increasingly focused on online dating scams as victim numbers and miseries rise.

Safeguard heart, wallet
Check out the InspectaDate Dating Safety Tips page.

Below are some good tips from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance's Division of Consumer Affairs. Among them:

Old scams sometimes find new life with online dating.

Stealing pin numbers of credit and bank cards is nothing new. But two Canadian men recently introduced dozens of gay male victims to the rip-off technique in a stealing spree throughout western Canada, CBC News reports.

Thoughtful overview piece here from The New York Times on how sweetheart scammers target older women on dating websites for success.

Online sweetheart scam victims in Australia explain how they got bamboozled, but the stories, warnings and tips resonate for online daters everywhere.

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