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Scams, frauds and dangerous dates

An Oklahoma woman who fell for a "United Nations" poser through the online dating site Zoosk is out $100,000, authorities say.

What's to do when you encounter one dating scam after another on dating apps?

Start a Twitter account called "App Scammers" dedicated to posting plays from the posers.

There's a whole lotta scamming a happening in dating land. So what's new?

The recent horrific slaying of a Seattle mom is a chilling reminder of how online dating — and dating in general — can turn deadly.

State consumer affairs offices are increasingly focused on online dating scams as victim numbers and miseries rise.

Safeguard heart, wallet
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Below are some good tips from the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance's Division of Consumer Affairs. Among them:

Old scams sometimes find new life with online dating.

Stealing pin numbers of credit and bank cards is nothing new. But two Canadian men recently introduced dozens of gay male victims to the rip-off technique in a stealing spree throughout western Canada, CBC News reports.

Just one physically or emotionally abusive relationship can devastate your life or the lives of your family members.

American daters are sure to find some commonalities with their European counterparts in this recent overseas study of online dating.

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