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Dating news

Useful tips here from the Better Business Bureau on spotting fake profiles and dating danger signs on Tinder.

Waiting too late in life to get married increases the chances of divorce once the knot is tied.

A new study by University of Utah sociologist Nicholas Wolfinger indicates that the odds of divorce for people past the age of 32 or so increase by 5 percent a year at the age of marriage.

Even with more than 3,000 online dating web sites around, seems like there's always room for new approaches.

The Western Daily Press from England reports that new website Chvalry Not Dead bans women from making the first move in the dating game. Says the story:

Have you encountered Mr. Self Importance in the online dating game? How about Mr. Adult Baby?


Going glam for online dating profile pictures yields mixed results when it comes to attractiveness and trustworthiness, University of Connecticut researchers found.

Fun "attack of the uglies" headline from the U.K. but a not-so-pretty situation for the dating site.

This blog wasn't active when the Pew Research Center rolled out its latest study last year on online dating and relationships, so I'm posting it for reference now and later.

Nice blend of personal experiences and stats in this trend piece on online dating from Andrea Behling of GazetteXtra in Wisconson.

Interesting insights from Janesville resident Katherine Eagan, who has seen the best and worst of online dating during her 20 years of using online dating sites, and from a university professor who has watched attitudes about online dating change over the years. From the story:


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